Thomas F. Witherell, II

New York State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser

Having completed hundreds of real estate appraisals with my coursework taken at the Appraisal Institute, I have the experience and education necessary to prepare accurate and thorough residential appraisal reports. I have worked hard to build a reputation for quality by taking the time to research comparable properties, present a logical analysis, and comment extensively throughout the report. My experience includes appraisals of single-family and multi-family homes, recreational properties, condos/townhouses, small farms and vacant land. Listed below are courses I have successfully completed through the Appraisal Institute:

• Basic Appraisal Principles (11/2006)

• Basic Appraisal Procedures (11/2006)

• Residential Report Writing & Case Studies (2/2007)

• Residential Market Analysis / Highest & Best Use (5/2007)

• Residential Sales Comparison & Income Approaches (9/2007)

• Real Estate Finance Statistics & Valuation Modeling (3/2008)

• Residential Site Valuation & Cost Approach (6/2009)

• Advanced Residential Applications & Case Studies (8/2009)

• Reviewing Residential Appraisal Reports (3/2010)

• General Sales Comparison Approach (6/2010)

• General Site Valuation & Cost Approach (9/2010)

• General Market Analysis / Highest & Best Use (7/2011)